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Studio Irvine is an architecture and design studio based in Milan specialized in product design, art direction and architectural spaces in which there is a specific research on matter and surfaces.

The Studio is run by the architect Marialaura Rossiello Irvine who pursue an approach not only focused on the final product, but attracted by the entire process: it starts from the analysis of the materials and involves gradually all the stages of transformation: from production and communication, up to the product strategy.

“Studio Irvine has a specific design method that I like to sum up in a list of keywords that guide me along the way. These words change depending on how I approach the project: from the point of view of the art direction, of the product design or the architecture. The main aim is building a coherent and independent corporate identity respecting materials and its production processes. Moreover, the point is create a work team where to combine both project and business culture, as the timeless Genius Loci identifies in the alchemy of space, light and matter…” MRI, 2021

The cross-disciplinary philosophy pursued by the studio denotes a constant inclination and curiosity towards all types of projects: from the design of a bus to the one of a pen; from the art direction of a company to architectural projects.

The studio was founded in 1988 by the British designer James Irvine and throughout its 30 year history, the studio has woven a dense network of interactive relations among “fabbriche del design”: markers, artisans, graphic designers, curators, journalists, photographers and designers. Everyone is driven by the diversity of expertise, skills and vision which convey in the creative process that characterizes every project. Thanks to the research and the wish in discovering new scopes, the Studio enrich itself of young creatives researcher of experience and talent.

Studio Irvine is the story of a constant evolving family studio.

Marialaura Rossiello Irvine

Marialaura Rossiello Irvine is instilled by a vision in constant evolution, rooted in the classics of Italian design school, but with a broader international outlook. Born on the slopes of Vesuvius, Marialaura graduated in architecture in Naples under Riccardo Dalisi. From the poetry of design and a deep respect for tradition, she was catapulted into the capital of Italian design, Milan, where she attended a master in Strategic Design at Politecnico. Concreteness became a challenge, marketing, communication and strategy the keynote. For a number of years she collaborated with Italian design brands, and grew accustomed to consider the product within a comprehensive corporate process. Then she moved on tiptoe into a different British atmosphere. In 2011 she became partner of Studio Irvine, where industrial products were the throbbing heart of design.

Selected Clients

Arper, Baleri Italia, Discipline, Faraone Mennella, Marsotto Edizioni, Matteo Brioni, Muji, Mosaico+, Offecct, Phaidon, Thonet..…


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