Post Garden, handmade wallpaper
Fabscarte 2024
Post Garden, handmade wallpaper

Fabscarte 2024

An intricate network of branches stretches across the paper, suggesting the organic growth of plants or the spreading of molds as might be seen on ancient stone. The pattern includes stylized microscopic views of plants, a nod to the timeless beauty and resilience of nature as it reclaims man-made structures over time. The birds and the central fountain motif evoke the tranquility of a garden, with the water feature symbolizing a meeting point of nature and human creation.

Preview Milan Design Week 2024:

GALLERIA BOLZANI, Via Gerolamo Morone 2

16 – 21 April, from 10 am to 7 pm

Creative Direction Fabscarte

Press review about the project:




photo Natalia Garcia

photo Qianyin Tan