Post Garden, wallpaper
Fabscarte 2024
Post Garden, wallpaper

Fabscarte 2024

An intricate network of branches stretches across the paper, suggesting the organic growth of plants or the spreading of molds as might be seen on ancient stone. The pattern includes stylized microscopic views of plants, a nod to the timeless beauty and resilience of nature as it reclaims man-made structures over time. The birds and the central fountain motif evoke the tranquility of a garden, with the water feature symbolizing a meeting point of nature and human creation.

“I have always been fascinated by abandoned places, by the charm of the signs of time, by walls wrapped in mold and lichens: mysterious places where time is suspended. I like to converse with time, not to fear evolutions, and to show vulnerabilities and imperfections and their beauty. This is Postgarden, my mysterious garden. It’s a garden created from imperfections translated into soft pop colors that speak of the present. Every now and then, there are recognizable subjects that warm and reassure the soul. It’s an unfinished garden that leaves space for imagination and interpretation of the work. Everyone sees what they want in the imperfect place of Postgarden. I see molds, holes, birds, fountains, trees… at least for now. And then there’s the Licheni collection, which, like a zoom into Postgarden, analyzes layers of three-dimensional geometries and colors, creating a temporal landscape. The artistic direction for Fabscarte 2024 for the communication of the two collections is the creation of theatrical scenographies where characters from other times inhabit a postmodern garden”. Marialaura

Design & Creative Direction for Fabscarte

photo Natalia Garcia, Qianyin Tan

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