P-saico, mosaic
Mosaico+ 2019
P-saico, mosaic

Mosaico+ 2019

The mosaic turns into patterns, in which what we perceive as small, changes and multiplies to give continuity to be surface. Mosaico+ intends to experiment a winder and more contemporary meaning of the word ‘mosaic’.

“We generally envisage mosaic as installed in a uniform geometrical pattern, with joints almost always exactly the same width. P-saico is a fresh mosaic concept in which only the rectangular chip shape is uniform, while the overall look of the installation is irregular” MRI

P-saico  has a random effect pose with a variable gap of 2 to 6 mm. Each tile has an irregular surface, which creates a three-dimensional effect. It consists of 1×3 cm stick fragments mounted in irregular patterns to create modular sizes. The way the modules are composed and the grounding generate a contemporary version of Venetian Seminato.

The inspiration comes from Opus Incertum in which pose and surface create regular randomness.

Archiproducts Design Awards 2020

Selected into ADI Design Index 2020,
becoming eligible for 27th Compasso d’Oro

manifactured by Mosaico+