Studio Irvine is a design studio based in Milan, founded by James Irvine in 1988. During its long career, the studio has worked with various international companies including Alias, Amorim, Arper, Artemide, B&B Italia, Canon, Discipline, Foof, Magis, Marsotto Edizioni, Matteo Brioni, Muji, Offecct, Olivari, Olivetti, Phaidon, Thonet, Whirlpool, WMF and Zumtobel.

James vision of design and of life was rigourous, generous and ironic. Today Studio Irvine found its natural continuity on the idea of design inspired by attention to ethics, the ‘human factor’ and personal interaction (from clients to technicians, workers and consumers). 

The distinctively cross-disciplinary philosophy pursued by the studio, from the design of a bus to that of a pen, shows the continuing tension and curiosity towards all types and scales of projects. The studio is a place whose rich collection of objects, prototypes, pictures, souvenirs, collections and drawings provides a continuing source of inspiration.

Today the studio is about products, art direction, interior design.