Restaurant in Capri
D'Amore 2022
Chef table
Capri mood
Hole to the kitchen
Chef Table & Bar
Test on the bespoke floor
Futurustic floor
Inspiration from a Greek floor
Special bathroom
Bar area
Inspired by the needles of a Pine tree
Building site
Inspiration from a Neapolitan floor
Bathroom area
Inspiring Andy Goldsworthy
Terra cotta colors
Genuine food - Km0
Restaurant in Capri

D'Amore 2022

“The design for the D’Amore restaurant speaks of natural materials: terracotta, clay, the colours of nature, natural materials, but also sophisticated state-of-the-art elements such as the cooling and cooking elements and worktops. All “ingredients” reflect the concept of the D’Amore kitchen, which uses only local ingredients for its cooking. This way, a walk towards the Faraglioni looking at the narrow streets paved with stone and bricks and needles fallen from pine trees on the path, inspired me to create a surface where pine needles are grafted into the terracotta that once in the oven for baking, evaporate, leaving room for the stucco. The bar top and chef’s counter thus integrate with the floor, concealing sophisticated technology. A delicate project that does not shout but whispers natural materials and the Genius Loci of Capri” Marialaura

Photo Natalia Garcia

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