Matteo Brioni
Art Direction from 2012→Present
Matteo & Marialaura, photo Paola Pansini 2017
Brand Identity, 2012
Site in Italy, 2017
Raw earth surfaces
Inspiration earth & pigment, 2013
Raw earth surfaces
Terra per l'Architettura
Ecology, Ethics, Beauty
Bolzano Fair, 2015
Developing new products, 2015
Bolzano Fair in 2014
First catalogue, 2013
New Brand, 2013
Stratigrafia, Terra Cannella 2018
Matteo Brioni

Art Direction from 2012→Present

Matteo Brioni produces and supervises the application of natural surfaces for architecture: from natural clay plaster and mass-coloured earthen floors to clay paints. Matteo Brioni products are made from the purest clays (terra cruda), a material that has been an essential element in the industry for centuries.

The production of natural surfaces is based on the selection of colouring clays, where Matteo Brioni exploits a know-how accumulated by his family through generations of experience in the brickyards of ancient Mantuan tradition.

Since 2012, we contribute to make Matteo Brioni the benchmark brand in his sector. We do brand repositioning and brand development activities, we coordinate custom projects, including fittings for exhibtions, designing products and much more..

Graphic Design Marco Strina