Foof dog & people
Art Direction from 2013→2017
Products designed from different point of view
Brand Identity studio
Developing Cico toy
"Playing is a primary need for a dog. A dog toy aim is obtaining a reward" Foof educator
Foof Team
Boa with Boa bowl
Marialaura & Maddalena, photo Paola Pansini
Milla bowl, two 'eyes' on the back to allow an easy grip
Nina & Boa kennel
Marketing tools
Testing prototype
Exhibition during Salone del Mobile 2017 at Itineris
Oliver playing with Cico
Backstage with Blue
Boa cushion
Marialaura & Maddalena, photo Paola Pansini
Foof dog & people

Art Direction from 2013→2017

“Objects created for different viewpoints: dogs and people”, states the claim; a collection studies the dual dog-person relationship, developing a range of products that is attentive to both protagonists’ habits and needs. The collection leitmotiv are the two eyes. Dog’s eyes, people’s eyes.

Foof, which started out as a dogs’ home, has created Europe’s first dog park and museum. Foof is not just about dogs, but also the relationship between dogs and their owners.

From 2014 to April 2017, the art direction was managed in Studio Irvine by Maddalena Casadei and Marialaura Rossiello Irvine.

Graphic Design Matteo Astolfi

Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani / Styling Sissi Valassina